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Full Dental Arch Tooth Replacement

What is a Full Dental Arch Tooth Replacement?

An alternative to dentures, a full dental arch tooth replacement is a procedure that can give patients suffering from severe tooth loss a permanent solution with improved comfortability and much needed relief. A full arch replacement can work for either the upper or lower jaw in patients and uses modern technology to secure the prosthetic implants with a series of small screws. Upon recovery, patients will experience a much more pleasant experience than with dentures as the arch replacement will improve chewing and speech.

The NuLife Full Arch Difference

Cost effective
Durable solution to tooth loss
Cutting edge technology
Healthy teeth and an implant - 3d rendering

FAQs About Full Arch Dental Tooth Replacements

A: One of the main benefits of a full arch dental tooth replacements are their longevity. Most last anywhere from 5-15 years which is far superior to what patients will get with dentures.

A: Most patients report that the procedure is not nearly as intensive or painful as they had thought going into it. That said, pain is relative and everyone will have their own experience. Our staff will make sure you are comfortable and treat you for any pain or discomfort.

A: Cost will vary depending on how many replacements you need, the location and how much pre-work needs to be done to get your mouth ready for the procedure. We recommend that you schedule a consultation to get a better understanding of the cost associated with your specific situation.

Benefits of a Full Dental Arch Tooth Replacement

There are a wide range of benefits and reasons that people opt for a full dental arch tooth replacement over dentures. If you are in need of more than just a single tooth implant, there aren’t any other options that will give you this type of comfort and security. 

Detail of a false tooth implant fixed in the jaw

Permanent Solution

Functioning like a root system in your mouth, the tiny screws will hold your replacements in place securely and give you peace of mind. Unlike dentures, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable situations and eating issues.

Improved Quality of Life

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear, not only because you will have a shiny new set of teeth but also because you will feel like your old self again. Post-operation you will have reduced speech and chewing issues which will give you your freedom back.

3d render of jaw with dental implant
Premolar tooth crown installation over implant abutment. Medical

Quick Recovery

The procedure time can vary depending on how many teeth need to be replaced but is generally completed in a day. Recovery time is also quick, most patients are fully recovered after one week. Some swelling is to be expected and you should avoid hard foods while you rest after the operation.

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