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Bone Graft

What to Expect from a Bone Graft

Although they take a bit of time, bone grafts can very much be an essential step in the implant process as a whole. A bone draft is done so that a more solid foundation is in place before the dental implant is added. After the procedure, there is likely to be typical discomfort like gum swelling or slight bruising but this goes away very quickly. Once healing is complete, your NuLife dentist will talk about when to schedule the dental implant surgery.

Effects of Losing Bone Density

Distorted facial features
Pain during eating or talking
Droopy lips
3D render of dental bone grafting with bone biomaterial applicat

Bone Grafting Questions Patients Usually Ask

A: It’s a slow process but NuLife recommends a minimum of four months for the month graft to heal. We want to make sure it is strong enough to support a dental implant when the time comes.

A: Donor bone can come from cadavers or from animals. It is referred to as “chemical bone.” Of course, bone from your own body is also an option.

A: It shouldn’t unless a patient does something to manipulate it. A membrane acts as as sterile bandage and if a patient were to mess with the membrane, then it is possible for the bone particles to rise up and dislodge.

A: Yes, very much so. There are certain risks but the chances of them occurring–infection or the graft being rejected--are extremely slim. After the bone grafting is done, we administer antibiotics to prevent that from happening.

What Else Should I Know Before My Dental Bone Graft?

3D render of dental bone grafting with bone biomaterial and memb

Besides the above, the most commonly asked question that we receive at NuLife is whether the dental bone graft will be painful. It’s a rightful question. But we are here to put you at ease. The answer is no, there won’t be pain involved. A local anesthetic will be administered so that you don’t feel a thing. During the recovery process, you may experience some slight tenderness when eating but this will dissipate quickly.

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