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Why NūLife?

What Propels Our Practice Forward

The Implant Specialists

Welcome to the NuLife Dental Implant Practice. Dr. James and Dr. Camarata have a combined 50 years of experience in placing dental implants and transforming people's smiles, and lives, for the better.

Together, they bring the highest standards of patient care and clinical outcomes to their patients in Overland Park, Kansas. With technology and skill as the driving forces behind their impeccable results, Dr. James and Dr. Camarata ensures that your NuLife will be your best life yet.
Our patient-centric approach
We put you first and place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that every need and want of yours is met. You are top of mind, from beginning of procedure to end.
Our flexible finance options
NuLife accepts major credit cards or other direct payments. Many patients opt for our low-interest and affordable payment plans. Just ask us what they are!
Our commitment to exceptional service
Our main goal is to not just meet your expectations but to surpass them. With our years of training and experience, we provide personal attention to every patient.
Our accreditations and combined years of experience
We've been trained thoroughly in every facet of the dental implant process and are up-to-date on the latest technology. We've done it all and seen it all.
Receiving dental implants is not something someone faces everyday. For a majority, it’s a brand new occurrence in their life and a decision that takes courage. Because of that, there can be a bit of fear of the unknown. This is completely normal. So normal that we consider it a part of the process. Just know that we are here to guide you and answer any and every question that may arise.
The Initial Visit: This first visit will be the most comprehensive! We'll decide upon a plan of action and talk through next steps with you.
The Transformation: If you give us the all-clear, the next appointment will be where the magic happens! Plan to leave with an attractive, permanent smile that will last a lifetime.
Smooth Sailing: From this point on, the healing process begins. You'll come in for a check-up, just to see how the implants are progressing.

Ready to get started with your Nulife? Reach out today and a trained member of our staff will assist you in securing a time slot that will work for you. We can’t wait for the change to begin.

NūLife 3D Studio & Design Center

Our design studio simplifies the process so that the patient can be involved every step of the way.
Our design studio allows our doctors full clinical insight to plan appropriate treatments.
Our studio boasts the best in-class technology.

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